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When you have hardwood flooring in place, especially if it is several decades old, you might wonder whether you need to replace it or simply sand and refinish your current wood flooring. The good news is, we can help you make that decision with some quick tips and ideas. It’s crucial, at times like this, to have a friend in the business or at least some professional advice.

A hardwood refinishing service can bring your floors back to a showroom-new finish. There are many ways to proceed once the process is started. However, you may need to replace the materials for the best results.

Making decisions for your hardwood flooring

Hardwood floors can be refinished several times throughout their lifespan. Depending on the thickness of the real wood veneer, engineered hardwood can also be refinished a few times before needing to be replaced. If you’re not quite sure which option is best for you, here are some ideas.

Refinishing wood floors consists of sanding down the damage or abuse from the top layers of your flooring until a fresh, new, untainted layer of wood has been reached. If there is any danger of reaching the subfloor during the sanding process, which can happen after several deep refinishing, this is a clear sign that replacement is a better option. But other reasons might dictate new flooring in place of sanding and refinishing.

Excessive wear or blatant abuse of wood flooring can damage multiple layers all at the same time. So can water or fire damage, all of which means the floors may not be restorable. In cases like these, new wood flooring can be a very feasible option and can even be more affordable, especially if there are multiple rooms affected in this way.



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At Gotcha Covered Floor Covering, we offer all the most critical services for your hardwood floors. Whether you need the services that will bring your floors back to life, or all new flooring, we are here for you. With professional associates standing by to serve you, we strive to meet your every need. If you are in the areas of Acworth, GA, and need hardwood sanding or any other flooring service, be sure to visit us at our showroom in Acworth, GA at your convenience.

Hardwood refinishing

When you need high-quality, professional hardwood refinishing services, Gotcha Covered Floorcovering is ready and able to provide those services. Before you turn to someone else for wood floor refinishing, take a look at why we believe we are the best choice for hardwood refinishing in the entire Acworth, GA area.
Sanding and refinishing in Acworth, GA from Gotcha Covered Floorcovering

Affordable hardwood refinishing rates

At Gotcha Covered Floorcovering, we offer some of the most competitive rates for hardwood refinishing in this entire area. While we work hard to keep our prices low, we never sacrifice quality. When we complete your project, your hardwood floors will like new again. Our policy is to stand behind every job we do, and you can be assured that you will be very pleased with our work upon its completion.

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If your hardwood flooring is looking dull and marred, come by our showroom in Acworth, GA and let us give you a free estimate. We can also answer any questions you may have about the process, show you the options you have for your new wood surface, and tell you how long the refinishing job will take. Let our hardwood refinishing services help bring your hardwood flooring back to new life.